Thursday, June 26, 2008

The first time is always the hardest.....!

This is the first post on my Writer's Blog. I've always wanted to write... well.. I can WRITE, I've always wanted to get paid to write!!! In school I was always told my writing was "Too Journalistic" ! That settled it, I wanted to be a Journalist... but then I realised that this involved an awful lot of work and quite often people didn't like Journalists. I'm quite lazy and want to be liked, so Journalism was out! To be truthful I have written a few articles for various newspapers, but those were small and not terribly ruthless!! ( Local woman turns 100 and so on!)

I've become inspired by various blogs I've read lately of gallant women boldly striding forth and taking their place in the world as "Writers" ! How bold!! How DARING!! I WANNA I WANNA I WANNA!! :D

So I started this blog in hopes of inspiring myself and maybe being inspired by others. I'd appreciate any comments on my writing style and any advice that can be shared. I aim to write short stories or articles at the moment and give myself a year to get something worthwhile published. I'm not sure I have a novel in my that needs to get out... but let's see where this year takes me!

Thank you in advance for your help on this journey... I'm gonna need a lot of it I think! :D

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