Friday, June 27, 2008


I was showering the other morning. The water drumming my head lulled me into a shower trance and I let my mind wander. Amazingly it came up with the opening paragraph to a story I've been thinking of for some time. It was perfect and just tumbled into my brain .... I KNEW if I stopped the flow of the water to write down my thoughts, all would be lost. My daughter burst into the bathroom and I begged her to please hurry and find the portable tape recorder quick before my thought bubble burst.... already the colors were fading, the rainbow light swirling into blackness. She ran back upstairs unable to find the machine. I tried to keep calm and hang tight to my thoughts, "not too tight, don't want to lose them, just relax now..." too late. The lines started to disintegrate, drifting away piece by piece, until they were gone completely.
I need a waterproof recorder taped to the shower stall. It's my only hope! :D


ttelroc said...

In one of my books someone talked about waterproof paper and pens.

Oooh Oooh here's something that I just googled...

I think I read about it in the book "Write it down, Make it Happen" or from one of Victoria Moran's books.

anyway, one of them said that they got so many ideas while they were in the shower that they finally got a pad and pen that would work in the shower so they didn't lose their train of thought.


Julie Layne said...

A shower nearly always cures writer's block, it's a proven fact. :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I actually read your first post the other day after browsing to yours from Gabrielle's.

Writing is a long, winding road. Have fun!

Julie Layne said...

Oh, and thanks for the link!